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Stop using Datafile

Datafile stop their affiliate program, so we will stop using datafile soon as well. Thank you !

Request page


You’re free to request now. Just leave comment here for request anything (Game, CG, Manga Anime, etc…). be sure post your request one time, it will be appeared when we approved it. Follow your comment, we will reply by “admin note

In the content you should include the following information:

[Manga, game or CG…] Original title or Romaji title [Getchu or Dlsite’s code]

Example: [Voice] ヒプノフィルター [RJ185801]

Dont put any link here. We only accept old content which was dead link.

A lot of request in very short time, It may take long time to fill your request, keep your eyes on our site 🙂 now change to – You can login by user name & password of

We will start upload to / from today.

Welcome back !

We’re having issues with the display image. This will be resolved soon. Sorry for the inconvenience



Announcement :

We have encountered problems with the data center. To overcome temporary we must restore data at December 31, 2014. Full data will be restored soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hello everybody, today we decide to open “REQUEST PAGE”

This page for request of re-uploading and new stuffs, please post here:

Thank you!

Today we are very happy to announce that Jezebel from ASF will join us to share his best Otome game

We do not know how to express our pleasure, We want to say “thank you” to Jezebel who agreed to join and will spend his time to share his best things for you, for us.

Thank you and let’s welcome Jezebel !

Today, we’re very happy to announce that we have a new good guy ★★★ Csiny ★ ★★ who will work at new section – Otome Game / Hentai Otome Game.

Let’s welcome him and enjoy with our new place 😀

Happy Halloween !

Buy our own stuff

Hello everybody, this is one of two our own stuff which was bought by us: 劣情愛情03

And we are having a plan to buy our own stuffs (some for each month) and share on hentai_otoko
But we may put password in our files as we have done  for 1~2 days before publish it. Because we do not want our own stuffs is coppied and shared on another places. We may sent password through e-mail to you if you comment on topic.

Last, We apologize for the inconvenience but we hope all of you will support us.

Thank you so much !

Hentai-otoko Team

Fucking thieves !!!

Some fucking guys stolen / coppy our name, our code, our theme, our banner, our images, … everything from us to creat a new site – fake Hentai-otoko.

But you, fucking thieves -you can not steal our visitors.

(Do not coppy this pic, whore)

Thanks to our visitors, keeping your mind of stay alive to know who is true.

Updated 05 June

And today they started attacking us by DDOS.

Fucking thieves !!!

Link Exchange

If you are interested in link trade, please add my site on your site with title: Hentai-otoko

Send your site details by email to:

Hentai-otoko Team

We are back !

Hello everyone,  today we announce that: The trouble with Google is solved and we are back to serve all of you.

Theme is being designed and will completed soon !

Once again, we apologize for this inconvenience !

Hello everybody, we are having a bit of trouble with Google. They suspect that our website contains malicious code. But we checked it and we confirm: That is a misunderstanding and our website is safe for you.

We are working with Google to solve. That may take from few days to few weeks and will back to normal.

We apologize for this inconvenience !

Please help us !

Hello Everybody,
Yesterday, I got a warning from Katfile’s Admin that they just get very low sale from us, so our account would be banned, and we would not present Bitsahre link for all of you.
So, I really need your help. If possible, please buy as much as you can Katfile premium from our link.
We appreciate and thank for your help !

Merry christmas and Happy new year

Gold key for Depositfiles

And as I said, we are willing to give you SOME gold keys for Depositfiles.

24 hours: n5jn2s3m16tv041wdgc0micei4cv8s9c
2 weeks: s3lvo3mp0pmuzg9s9nnaggruvx9qjxe2
1 month: yaojsvhuosv2lln56ba6p7yqge2wleqb
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